Shiseido Vital Perfection Wrinklelift Cream – 15ml


Revitalized, luminized skin. For uncompromised beauty. An intensive anti-wrinkle cream that enhances the original youthful beauty of a woman’s smile. Using the concentrated power of retinol, which is pure vitamin A, this cream smoothes away the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dull skin tone to reveal a firmer, brighter look – one that allows you to express yourself fully, with renewed confidence.

Size: 15ml

雙重抗皺乳霜是一支可高效撫平深刻紋理的乳霜,讓女性重現自信笑容。蘊含高濃度Pure Retinol (純維他命A),撫平皺紋幼紋,亮化暗啞膚色,重煥緊緻明亮美肌,展現真我動人自信。研製RetinoVP8技術,將容易被分解的純維他命A及SHISEIDO VP8注入表皮層,實現顯著抗皺修護效果。特製密封包裝,隔絕會分解純維他命A的光線及氧氣。水凝質感,容易塗抹於表情紋位置。形成24小時全天候補濕膜層,長時間滋潤肌膚。持續使用,有效改善鬆弛、顯著色斑及黯黃膚色。

容量: 15毫升

How to use

Apply at the last step of your skincare routine every night. Take an appropriate amount by finger, apply to areas that appear fine lines.



早上使用,建議護膚後塗抹防曬產品,以確保Pure Retinol發揮功效。晚間修護程序最後一步使用。取一顆珍珠大小分量,約0.2g,塗抹於眼唇週皺紋位置。除了可當作眼霜,大家也可以塗搽於額頭或其他出現紋理的地方—如果愛皺眉,可以塗在川字紋;如果大家有法令紋,或者怕有法令紋,也可塗在法令紋的位置。


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