Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate – 20ml


This breakthrough overnight treatment, with Chronolux™ S.O.S. technology, rescues and resets the look of skin fast. Immerses skin in sustained, 24-hour moisture with 15X concentrated Hyaluronic Acid in a multi-molecular weight complex. Soothes the look of irritation in just 1 hour. Fortifies skin so it can better respond to intense visible stressors. Allows you to power through life’s high-intensity moments beautifully. Restores a more poreless, refined texture and significantly boosts skin’s luminous clarity. Also formulated with high-powered anti-oxidants to defend against the appearance of free radical damage.

Size: 20ml

蘊含Chronolux™ S.O.S.科技,能於1小時內,顯著鎮靜肌膚的敏感狀態、減輕泛紅狀況和提升肌膚抗氧化效能,同時為肌膚注入水份,撫平乾紋,效果更長達24小時。

容量: 20毫升

How to use

Can be added to a night time regimen anytime skin feels like it is acting up, during life’s high-intensity moments, whether for a few days in a row, one week a month, for a few weeks when seasons change, or more frequently as needed.






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