Clé de Peau Correcting Cream Veil N – 37ml


A powerful moisture-stabilizing force that promotes exquisite radiance. Covers pores, fine lines, and uneven tone to give skin a smooth appearance. Helps makeup to resist dullness, wear, oil breakthrough, and changes in color throughout the day to retain a beautiful long-lasting finish. Offers long-lasting moisturizing effects to keep skin feeling dewy and hydrated.

Size: 37ml

具多重防禦效能,有效針對紫外線 、氧化,有效對抗空氣污染,保護肌膚不受白天的外來壓力。擁有超卓持粧效能,有助解決脫粧問題的三大因素:暗沉、泛油和堆粉,預防過量皮脂分泌造成的油光和摺痕,維持長達8小時的完美底粧。柔滑質感,呵護肌膚,結合長效保濕效果,打造出仿如素顏美肌的明亮細緻底粧。

容量: 37ml

How to use

Apply after skincare products.
Take up a pearl-sized amount and dot on both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.
Spread starting from the center of the face.
Apply foundation afterward.





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